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The Dirt on Supplements

An intriguing gardening article recently suggested that the supposedly "unhealthy" soil many of us have around our houses may just be an urban myth. In fact, amending the soil to "improve" it may damage root systems and leave lawns inches below the grade of existing surfaces. What, you may ask, does this discussion about dirt have to do with supplements? [read more]

Zicam - NOT Homeopathy

Concerned about the recent news about Zicam and its propensity to cause people to lose their sense of smell? There are many reasons why Zicam is not a homeopathic remedy. For more information, please visit,341.

Patient Hormone Presentation

Looking for information on the basics of bioidentical hormones and the need for hormone testing? This may be of help... [read more]

New Prescription Drug Expansion for NDs

After a long and difficult campaign, naturopathic physicians (ND) now have a new expanded scope of practice. This includes an expansion of their ability to prescribe some prescription drugs. [read more]

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